Jody Plant: Modern West Fine Art

Jody Plant


One will never come to a total understanding of the evocative sculpture of Jody Plant simply because one would never come to a total understanding of Jody Plant. These sculptures, as much as the mysteries they evoke, the imagination they reveal, the essence of artistic discovery they represent, are at core biographical of the artist and will never be fixed and permanent objects. As plant said, “I want my work to change because nature changes everything is ever-changing, all of the time. It’s not going to stay the same, I’m not interested in that, what I am interested in is how they evolve.”


How things evolve can be measured in progress, the progress of learning, the progress in the development of passions and experience, in spiritual connectivity, as much as the physical evolution of any object can be measured. Plant is an artist whose multi-media found object work, currently featured at Modern West Fine Art, is as artist and a human being whose learning, passions, experience, and spirituality inform the construction of her sculpture and she and her work are in a state of flux, ever to be so, never to remain static.


In the mixed media work “They Became Birds,” one finds a document that is a testimony of who Plant is, while being an autonomous work of art, it features literature for its own sake, limitless wonder of nature, paralleling spirituality and the connection between the present and the past, and recontextualizing this past. In a new context, doors of mystery, imagination and wonder are opened as the viewer is lost in a new consciousness just as the process of creation for the artist is a conscious journey so personal to her.



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